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History of Ship

In 1878, Charles Brown built a brewery near the present day location of the Eagles Club. It eventually grew into a major brewing operation.

In 1907, it became the Fergus Falls Brewing Company.

The brewery survived prohibition and emerged in 1933, as the Premier Brewing Company. Premier Beer was the brewery's flagship brand, but Heinie's Lager was its top seller.

Premier was reorganized in 1935, as the Fergus Brewing Co. Heinies was renamed Heinrich's. Six Horse, Staat's and Lord Chumleys were also being brewed in Fergus Falls.

Viking Lager was brewed in Fergus Falls from 1935 to 1948. After a 1948, reorganization the brewery saw its greatest success when the product line was simply Falls Pilsner and Falls Velvet. Beer was sold in both cans and bottles. Financial troubles led to a cessation in operations in 1951.

George Heinrich is the man who built what's now the Eagles Ship in Fergus Falls. Heinrich's brewery was located just east of the ship. The brewery building was torn down in the mid-1970s.

Beer brewed by Heinrich was distributed widely. Some of the beer even reached troops overseas during World War II.

The ship itself was used for lavish entertaining by Heinrich and was the delight of customers (beer suppliers) who came from great distances to Fergus Falls to do business with Heinrich.

The ship closed after the brewery closed.

It was used to store potatoes for a time before the Eagles Club purchased the ship and renovated the facility in 1961.


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